About Us

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

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The Company

Brenes Solutions is a bridge for helping businesses, or the everyday person, in solving problems based on your current needs. We’ll assist you with a range of one-time projects to major events, and for everything else that’s in between. No task is too big, or too small, for our team to tackle. Our mission is to make sure that whether you are from a corporate environment, small business, hosting an event for a business partner, or planning an event for friends & family that it will be an event that you can remember. So, click here to learn more about what we can offer or contact us here, we’d love to hear from you! And if you don’t see a service that you’re looking for, don’t worry, contact us and we can discuss with you the best way to meet your needs.

The Founder

Brenes Solutions was founded by Denise Brenes, a Veteran Corporate Professional with over 30 years of experience in Pepsi-Cola Inc., Kraft Foods and IBM Corporation. In her years working for three of the US’s largest corporations, Denise managed high-level projects, corporate and public event organizing, trade shows, budgets, invoices, inventory tracking and much more. One thing that her career taught her was the true value of teamwork. She saw firsthand the strides that could be made, and the goals that could be met, when people came together to work towards a common goal. Through this understanding, Brenes Solutions was born. With a focus on event planning and virtual assistance, Denise hopes to work with you one solution at a time.